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History has it that Bitcoin started in the year 2008/2009 and it began to spread around the world.
The growth of Bitcoin acceptance was 5.6million plus in 2017 which is against the 21million expected to be reached.
It took Bitcoin 8years to reach that number, but within that time frame other coins emerged.
TBC came up in 2016 with a divine structure ( To Eradicate Poverty Globally) which pose a threat to Bitcoin, and before our very own eyes, Bitcoin dived into Economy Overnight and it became exchangeable globally.

Now TBC is also witnessing same threat by JP Morgan’s Coin, Facebook Coin, Action Coin and many other coins out there……
The most threatening of them all is Facebook coin.
In view of this developmental Change, TBC is Launching Economy Phase come Nov 30th 2019, that is TBC will be accepted as exchange for goods and services globally.

Another round of wealthy individuals shall spread round the world…
Tbcians shall create more companies, provide more sustainable economy while some will live in unexpected luxury with private jets and more like the Thailand Rice Farmers today.

Now my concern is that TBC is here for you today, get it and keep it save for your nearest future and that of your people, get it and eradicate age long penury from your lineage.
1TBC today is worth over $9.5Million and it is still growing, you can have your TBC/Kringle Coins now because we are still in the distribution stage when you can have access to 1TBC to 1million TBC depending on your purse and your dream for a brighter future.

President Trump and his administration has given TBC Admin a go ahead of operations, simply because he knew we are much in poverty in the world at large, most especially Africa and some Asian Countries.
President Trump is bringing in Gold standard to USA…
TBC is pegged with grain of Gold and individual acceptance, that is why the value of 1TBC is very high. You shall be so rich…. It happened in 2017 and will repeat itself again in 2019.

If you can see aged people or parents living in poverty or roaming the streets now, that should tell you that you need more of God’s wealth.
Take action today and take it now, Never procrastinate your Golden opportunity.
We are now witnessing a tsunami of people joining TBC everyday, the months to come might be hard to get TBC……
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